About Me - Russell Taylor

We all know science application in sports has advanced massively over the last decade, yet bodybuilding seems reluctant to catch on to the latest advancements. Examining the market it seems to be the same old information passed from trainer to client since the 70’s. Anything new seems to be dismissed without a second thought whilst a trainer’s body is referenced as knowledge not taken into account genetics or pharmaceutical enhancement. The opposite can also be true with too many arm chair scientists blindly following a study but not adjusting it to suit the individual’s needs.  

So with a gap in the market I have decided to combine practical experience with the latest in scientific research and using specificity for the individual I keep what produces the most efficient results. This style of coaching allows people to get to the very best result efficiently with less fatigue in less time thus saving money.

History Highlights

  • Gold in Deadlift and silver in open at the BPU (WPC affilate) British national championships 2017
  • A world record holder in Deadlift (Sub master) and National (open) at the WPC/BPU
  • Class A lifter with 439 wilks score
  • Invited to be part of Team GB in the euro and world championships
  • Proven track history on placing clients in respected events from NPC to UKDFBA (WNBF).
  • Professional coach since 2014
  • Aragon and Hollywood Approved coach since 2014
  • MyOatmeal Transformation winner 2014 
  • Studied Advanced Leisure and Recreation 2002

Please contact me russ@tayloredphysiques.com for more information.

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